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the duo

2/6/23 from 8:00 p.m. 

"...A top band of the Italian house of blues, it is the most interesting Italian blues band that has managed to create a strong musical identity through the reinterpretations of the American matrix."
OnStage!, Festival of American Art in Italy 2019

Admission free collection



12/15/22 from 20:00 p.m

Her songs are haunting, romantic, tender, rock and funky. Both are excellent musicians who confidently switch between keyboard instruments, violin, guitar and percussion and draw effective timbres into the acoustics of the room. They talk to each other charmingly and spontaneously on stage, playing with the emotions and the atmosphere.




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12/22/22 from 20:00 p.m



Mokoš is the wondrous world of Laura Scammacca, who with her unmistakable voice makes your eyes dry because you forget to blink in amazement, of Mirjam Gosteli, who weaves driving rhythms into the songs with her drums and throws sweet dates into the air with the accordion and Anuschka Strässle, who conjures up wonderfully warm worlds of sound with her double bass "Martha". 

demo video 



11/12/22  from 7:30 p.m


ursoulphi - an acoustic duo consisting of Raphi (guitar and vocals) and Ursina (vocals). They play soul and blues from the heart, with the intention of clarifying the messages of their coversongs and transporting emotions. Let yourself be touched by the simplicity and simultaneous vocal power at one of their first concerts. 


Youtube >>>>

der_senster_gob 05.jpg

Šenster Gob

10/26/22 from 20:30 p.m


The Šenster Gob is an acoustic band from Prague, which travels through Europe with their green wooden camper and enchants their listeners with fresh music from the Balkans. 


The Šenster Gob varies between old Klezmer tunes and new jazzy gypsy songs. 


Both as Der Šenster Gob and in   their other formation as Les Gars d'en Bas we have already been able to enjoy their joyful music in Kafi and Damm several times and look forward to seeing them again.


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