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6 cooks

From March 22nd we will surprise you for six weeks, from Wednesday to Saturday with a chef and a 4-course menu (with a vegetarian option). If desired, there is a wine accompaniment selected by our wine dealer .

For this popup we open the doors of our studio in the lower part of the dam, just above the Limmat. 


Places are limited, we are happy to take your bookings on-line or via Mail towards.

Check-in is between 7pm and 8pm


We look forward to this spring event at this beautiful location with these different chefs. 


Fr. 89.-  for  4 Courses


does the prelude to the popup 


Aris Guzman
 22. - March 25, 2023


Soul Food by Aris is the flagship product of Aris Guzman and stands for Caribbean comfort food. As a teenager, the native Dominican came to Switzerland.


For several years she has spoiled us with her vegan creations at various pop-ups, events and restaurants.


She was a member of the jury for the European Street Food Awards and the Swiss Vegan Awards, published her own cookbook and always takes her guests to the tropical warmth and enjoyment of the Caribbean. 

  • Soul Food by Aris

Michael Merz
 29. March - April 1, 2023

"Honest simple food with a fancy twist"


Micha Merz has lived through a wide variety of positions in the Zurich gastronomy scene since his apprenticeship as a cook at "Baur au Lac". Among other things, he was present at the opening of "Spitz", "Kin" and "Silex". Micha has mastered his craft and is also blessed with a sense of aesthetics and innovation.

Now he has taken the leap into self-employment and has just realized his own pop-up restaurant in the railway carriage a few steps up on the Limmat .


  • Soul Food by Aris

Corinna Venegas
April 5-8, 2023


Corinne Venegas is a creative and experimental chef who combines seasonal and fresh ingredients with passion and attention to detail to create unexpected taste experiences. She tells stories through her dishes that make her guests smile and make every bite an experience. Her focus on aesthetics and presentation adds an extra dimension to her dishes, making them a feast for the eyes.


  • Soul Food by Aris

April 12-15, 2023


Timo has lived out his passion in many kitchens. After positions at Seidenspinner, Belvoirpark, various pop-ups from Sami, such as the closet, lift, ABC cinema to Greulich and Spitz, he is now head chef and partner at Schnupf. 


Timo's culinary philosophy celebrates product and freshness. We look forward to the delicacies he will conjure up on our plates. 


April 19-22, 2023

Marco is head chef at Certo, which opened in Zurich in May, and he has made a name for himself. His dishes are not only a feast for the palate, but also a work of art for the eye. Marco knows how to refine his creations with creative elements and special aromas, thus offering his guests an unforgettable taste experience. He got around a lot in Zurich. His stations include the old fluhgass, the Wiesengrund, the Mesa, Clouds and Rosso, Spitz,...


alias Klausgemachtes

April 26-29, 2023

Klaus is a well-travelled chef who has made stops in his long career from Table Mountain to the Matterhorn and from the Icefjords to the Costa del Sol. So he visits us with a backpack full of experiences and tastes from the upscale classic kitchen reinterpreted by him. 


After several years at La Bouteille and as a private chef, Klaus has just opened the Attica Restaurant in Frauenfeld as head chef. He also runs a small fine food factory called Klausgemachtes.


The passion for taste is tattooed on his soul. One last gem to look forward to as it concludes our
6 weeks & 6 different chefs popup.

  • klausgemachtes
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