Sa & Su
Brunch fürDich
9h bis 14h
Brunch Buffet!

am Wochenende gibt es fürDich und deine Freunde Buffet à discretion für zwei Stunden.

Komm vorbei und schau was unsere Köche leckeres gezauberthaben

brunch buffet 32.00

excl. Getänke

frisch gepresst Orangensaft 2dl 5.50

Mimosa 9.50

Prosecco Flasche 35.00

Cava Flasche 52.00



Come feast with us

Saturday 32 CHF

Sunday 32 CHF 

Dining extensively for two hours


Reservations by email can be processed up to 24 hours in advance

Please cancel by phone  

043 317 91 60

Online reservations  


Please note when making a reservation: children who require a chair must be included in the number of seat reservations.

The number of children must also be mentioned in the note.


You may have to leave the stroller outside if the number of strollers inside is already high.  


We cannot guarantee reservations near the children's area, but we will do our best!  Thank you for your cooperation!